Glam Inc Starts With…

Innovative IT Services

Glam Inc. is located at Yokohama City in Japan. It’s a technology company founded in 2002 by Kyosuke Mihara. The basic target of Glam team is to fulfill the customer’s exact needs of technology innovation. The Glam team is highly qualified and certified in programming arena.

Yes ! we hire talented candidates who have the power of innovation because we know our team is the main power of our success. Our team generates an energy that cannot be duplicated. It gives us our edge and leads itself to the creative solutions that we design for our clients. We make it look like magic but it’s really technology in the right hands.

Core Services of Glam Inc

We’ve got it covered. We do it all.

Desktop Application

We offer Desktop application development services worldwide. This is one of the vital services in software industries. Our team utilizes technologies of Java, C++ (WinAPI, MFC, WTL), .NET (WinForms, WPF) to create reliable desktop applications.

Our mixture of skills & talent encourages us to develop efficient and user friendly applications for our clients.

Mobile Application

Our talented team are developing apps from your innovated idea. We research your needs, learn your business goals and implement the works from your thought.
And we believe that our success comes from your great idea.

Our strong mobile apps team are making all kinds of iOS, Android and Windows Mobile to make our clients happy.

Web Application

it’s really difficult to find people who don´t have any online activity. At present technologies offering us online purchases, online banking transactions, paying the bills and many more activities. All these are the deployment of web Applications.

The main concept of web application system, save working time & make a automation system to manage everything from anywhere.

Application Development Process

Requirements for Developing Applications

Roadmap Document
Functional Specifications
Application Structure
Application Development
Testing and Bug Fixing

Our Upcoming Project
Auction Management System

It is a extension application for marketplace. It’s a simple logic application like listing product at a time in different marketplace.
More over user can get statistic about sales & posted product.