About Vialinker

Just one posting in Vialinker gallery!

Your product will be uploaded in e-Bay, Amazon or e-Commerce store sites to focus it to the millions of customers all over the world. The Vialinker provides you a single, but a versatile gallery with huge scope. It will help you to avoid the tiresomeness of repetition of posting and thus save your time and cost with a link in the vast internet ocean.

Your product will be focused to your target customer until you remove it from Vialinker gallery.


The Vialiker is a scope for online base marketplace. We started our journey with a synchronizing of two online marketplace giants eBay, Amazon & our store solution V-commerce and thus has helped to bridge millions of buyers and sellers. We will also add other online base marketplaces for our users very soon.

Our dedicated developers and system analyst team are working to improve our system as according to our users demands and make its features user friendly everyday.

Our 24/7 support team is helping our users to handle their Vilanker account easily and smoothly to manage their product in all marketplaces from just a single platform. The support team is also developing some helping tutorial videos to teach our users to generate our options.

Best Regards
Kyosuke Mihara
CEO Of VIalinker

  • Save your time

    A Single posting in Vialinker gallery helps users to display their products in various marketplaces and thus saves execution time of them.

  • Save your money

    The features of Vialinker help reducing work hour, workforce, IT device, the rate of power consumption and thus help to save money.

  • Increase your sale

    By its smart marketing tools, Vialinker helps users to communicate with millions of clients and also helps promote products to increase sales.

Vialinker eBay

By maintaining some easy procedures, you can display your product through e-Bay with the help of Vialinker. Just upload your product in Vialinker gallery and link it up with e-Bay and you will get your product displayed on e-Bay as well as your target market.

If the coverage of internet is available, you can do it from any corner of the world ever now and then. If the displayed product is out of stock, you can easily remove its status from the gallery.

Vialinker Amazon

To expand the focusing scope your products, you can also upload your products on Amazon through Vialinker gallery. Follow the same procedure as you do to upload in e-Bay and link up it with Amazon, one of the top online market place in the world.

The uploading and removal system of products is easy and hassle free as Vialinker always features. Enjoy your journey with Amazon with the support of Vialinker.

Vialinker eComarce Store

The Vialinker also create a scope for your business in the online marketplace by developing a versatile, smart and user friendly site of its own named V-Commerce store. You can get more scope and space to develop your business by uploading your product here as you get from e-Bay and Amazon by following a very simple procedure of uploading and removal of your product.

Vialinker is trying its best to provide you limitless scope to link you with your customer.